Thanks to partners in Portland, Oregon for supporting the Future of Stuff Challenge #BreakerPDX 2014:

Thanks to partners in Boise, Idaho for supporting the Future of Stuff Challenge #BreakerBOI 2014:

The Breaker Challenge 2013: The Future of Stuff DTW+NYC is brought to you by:

Core team


  • Aaron Ahlstrom-Wilson – Professional Development (Detroit)
  • Ben Grossman-Kahn – Online Coach
  • Bennett Blank – Online Coach
  • Betsy Wilson – Graphic Design Support
  • Katie Koch – Curriculum Consultant
  • Tim Kubik – Curriculum Consultant
  • Bruce Boyd – Video and Streaming Support (
  • Carmen James – Professional Development (NYC)
  • Chiara Leifer – K12 Lab Intern
  • d.peeps – Project Support
  • Duygu Eruçman – Video Production
  • Fernando Arruda – Video Music
  • Gabi Hanoun (Cardoza-James Binding) – Video Participation
  • Gabrielle Santa-Donato – Professional Development (NYC)
  • Jonathan Fambrough – Video Documentation and Streaming Support (Detroit)
  • Kathy Wiley (Poco Dolce) – Video Participation
  • Marianna Ludensky – Video Coach
  • Melissa Hill – Coordination (Detroit)
  • Peter Dering (Peak Design) – Video Participation
  • Scott Doorley – Online Coach
  • Shea Ketsdever – K12 Lab Intern
  • Stephanie Nudelman – Rubrics
  • Thomas Both – Online Coach
  • Tom Uglow (Google Creative Labs) – Video Participation
  • Will Denton – Future of Stuff logo


We could never have pulled off Breaker Challenge 2013: The Future of Stuff without the incredible support of our generous co-sponsors.

Additional credits

  • Breaker Central logo based on a design by Stirling Tschan, The Noun Project
  • Home page photos
    • Photo of lathe by Flickr user howzey
    • Photo of type tray by Flickr user caruba
    • Photo of tires by Flickr user Mykl Roventine
    • Photo of circuit board by Flickr user John Morris
    • Photo of letterpress plate by Flickr user Livy Hoskins

Final note

Throughout the site we have listed video and image sources whenever available to us. If you notice an omission please let us know by emailing

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